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Our Services

  1. Homestay placement Service: CD$150(Adult), CD$300(under 19 years old)

  2. Airport Pickup & Drop off: CD$100/ One way, CD$150/2 ways

  3. Application Procedure for the service
    1) Fill out the homestay request form(online)
    2) Make full payment (1st month Homestay fee+ Homestay placement fee+ airport pick up
        fee) 1week before you arrive in Canada.
    3) You will receive your homestay profile information according to your selected request
    4) We will meet you at the airport if you requested airport pickup.

  4. Homestay Fees(single room+3 meal per day)
    1) Homestay Fee for 19+ Adult starts from minimum CD$ 850/month, average
        CD$870/month high CD$900/month in Vancouver area. ($850~$900/month)
    2) Homestay Fee for under 19 year old, would cost more. It will start from CD$950/month
        to CD$1200/month in Canadian family.
    If the student wants to stay in Korean family it would start from CD$1600/month at least. ($1600~$2000/depends on the family)
    3) if the student needs ride from home to school every day it would be an extra cost depends on the Homestay family request. ($200-$500/month)
    4) Homestay fee in Calgary is starting from CD$850/month ($850-$870/month)
    5) Homestay fee in Victoria is starting from CD$870/month ($870-$900/month)
    6) Homestay fee in Toronto and Vancouver is starting from CD$870/month ($870~$900/month)
    7) If you are looking for homestay other than our listed area, please contact us at

Our Policy

Homestay arrangement fee of $150($300 for minor) is non-refundable as soon as we find Homestay for you. If you want to cancel or postpone, you can use this $150($300 for minor) as credit for next Homestay arrangement request. If you want to cancel, you have to submit written request 1 week before your arrival date. Then we will not charge airport pick up service fee and 1st month Homestay fee.

Cancellation between 6 days and 1 day before arrival, we will charge 5% of administration fee to refund your money to your bank account from your total refundable amount(1st month Homestay fee+airport pick up fee). It will be used for bank wire transfer fee(about $45).

When you want to change your current Homestay family you have to give them/us 2 weeks notice before you move out. Otherwise you have to pay for 2weeks homestay fee as penalty. If your Homestay request any other fees on top of the above price(such as deposit or payment in advance or borrow money), please advise us and don’t pay any additional fee without discuss with us. We can’t not guarantee to get your money back if you paid to Homestay without telling us. Usually we will charge 1st month Homestay fee from you but from second month you can pay to your homesaty family directly on the same day you arrived. For example, if you arrive on March 2nd and you want to stay one more month, you have to pay on April 2nd for the 2nd month Homestay fee in advance. Sometime some Homestay family charge 4weeks period instead of month period then we will let you know when we send your Homestay profile. While you are staying this kind of 4 weeks term Homestay, you have to pay every 4 weeks. For example, if you arrived on 1st week of Friday and you can pay next month Homestay fee on Friday 4 weeks later.


Make a bank wire transfer to:

Company name : SWIT Canada Ltd.
Company address : 470 Granville Street Main Floor Vancouver BC V6C1V5 Canada
Tel. 1(604)632-0233
Bank name: Royal Bank of Canada(#003)
Bank Address: Hastings & Granville Branch,
685 West Hastings St.
Vancouver BC Canada, V6B 1N9 Canada
Bank Tel: 1(604)665-6744 Bank Fax: 1(604)665-6768
Account#: 1032135
Branch#: 06550.
Swift code or ABA#: ROYCCAT2.


Send a money order or certified cheque by mail to the below our company address (it will take 7 to 10 business days):

Payable to :

Company name : SWIT Canada Ltd.

470 Granville St. Main Floor
Vancouver BC Canada, V6C 1V5
Tel. 1(604)632-0233 Fax : 1(604)632-0231

When you make a money order or certified check, please indicate your name on Memo.